Living the dream
The music of classical composers echoes through time and reflects feelings, dreams and messages from the past, touching souls of us, the children of Beethoven’s, Bach’s and Mozart’s future.

The ultimate time machine is already invented at the dawn of time. It’s music. Chasing their dreams in the search of immortality, some of composers accomplished their goal, touching souls of their faraway descendants.

Playing their symphonies takes us, the listeners of today, on a journey back to their time. A perfect time capsule for those who let their emotion leads them.

Instead of a musical duo, Ludvig & Stelar are more like an adventurous travellers taking short time expeditions to a place where dreams become reality.

Supported by their American, British, Croatian, French, Hungarian and Icelandic friends musicians: Dalibor Platenik, Harry Crosby, Helena Monika Berkovic, Ivana Penic Defar, Kristina Habuš, Marie Birna Olafsdottir, Phil Ross, Saša Wozdecky, Zlata Zsolnay and Zlatko Grljušic, Ludvig & Stelar managed to touch hearts of music lover around the Planet.

It all started in 2004 by signing their “Signal” to Café Del Mar, who released four of L&S’s works on the most famous Spanish compilations. Followed by releases on Croatian, Greek, and Italian labels and four years later, they are ready for their first album.

Melancholic, atmospheric, timeless and international the album reveals the secret of their dreams. Don’t even dare to think about it, just feel the music.

Who knows? Maybe, just maybe you are sharing the soundtrack of your life with your unknown grandchildren from faraway future.

So just relax and take a deep breath....

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